14:20–14:40 at DOCH

Lecture by MELO:
About dance and working with special needs schools

Hear MELO's story about their approaches to norm breaking functionality and working with young people with special needs.

MELO experiments in different ways with the audience’s role and participation, and examines the relationship between audience and performer. During the last few years the work has been focussing more and more on children and young people with special needs and the group has through several years of investigation and doing found approaches to working with norm breaking functionality, through for example the interactive performance Spåra (2012), Tillhet (2016) and through workshops for their target audiences.

About MELO

MELO is a collective of people with a background within music, dance, art and architecture. Since the start 2005 MELO has created works for the stage, music, sound choreography/-architecture and works for children. The group consists of Melina Mastrotanasi, Sara Soumah, Andrea Fantuzzi, Ola Hjelmberg, Anders Jacobson, Isa-Maria Kvensler and Josef Palm.

The picture is from the performance “Spåra” (2012) by MELO.
Photo: Ebba Theorell