16:30–17:30 at DOCH

Panel discussion:
Inclusive dance activities for children and young people.

A conversation regarding experiences and possibilities to create dance activities for children and young people where everyone has a possibility to participate in dance practice on equal terms.


Sophia Alexandersson is founder, Operational Manager and Artistic Director for Share Music & Performing Arts. With a background as a musician and pedagogue, trained at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, she has a strong commitment to everybody’s right to practice culture. Alexandersson has a vast experience as a project leader both in national and international projects and a unique knowledge regarding inclusive performing arts. Find out more on www.sharemusic.se

Anna Bergström is a contemporary dancer with a background in performance, text based theatre and physical theatre. Bergström works with Spinn Dance Company as a dancer and as a project leader for SpinnVäxa/SpinnUnga. The goal for this inclusive dance education for children and young people is to be accessible to everyone within the age group of 3-15 years old regardless of whether one has a disability or not. Where some see limitations SpinnVäxa/SpinnUnga look beyond limitations to find function-possibilities instead of obstacles. Bergström has also worked with Candoco Dance Company, The People Pile, Not Quite, and the choreographers Eva Ingemarsson, Frauke Requardt, Benedikte Esperi among others. www.danskompanietspinn.se

Malin Aghed is the cultural activist who has spent a lot of time thinking about accessibility or the lack thereof, and the work that needs to be done to make culture available for all. Aghed works as a journalist at the sustainability magazine Camino. She is the theatre and music teacher who has worked a lot in special needs schools and with various inclusive culture projects, as an example the current Swedish Art School Council-initiated mentorship project “I Dina Skor”. During six years she was development leader for El Sistema Sweden.

“It is time to place the flag on a new planet in a modern cultural world. The infrastructure that will get us there we have to build together. Children are not an enigmatic people in a strange land, no more than us grown ups. Neither are disabled children. But they need to be provided with space, and for that only adults can be responsible. Sometimes we need to change shoes and dance about for a bit.”

Petra Frank (moderator) is dean at DOCH School of Dance and Circus/UNIARTS. Her background consists of pedagogical, artistic and therapeutic perspectives and she has an ample experience of working within education and learning and of running and leading development projects. Frank trained at the University College of Dance choreography programme and was responsible for starting the 3-year dance education at Södra Latins gymnasium.