Artistic Director



Annelie Gardell is Artistic Director at Dansens Hus since January 1, 2014. Her most recent assignment was as the Artistic Director for the dance activities at NorrlandsOperan with responsibility for both national and international guest performances, residency and co-production projects.

She has in recent years also engaged as artistic director of the Dance Biennale in 2001, organizer of the conference KEDJA Umeå – Nordic -Baltic EU projects and has been responsible for the programming of the MADE festival. Annelie Gardell has for many years pursued an international work through extensive exchanges with foreign choreographers and dance companies, as well as co-production with Swedish companies , and has also served as project manager for SIDA – cultural projects in Vietnam. She has been involved in programming parts of the artistic content of Umeå Capital of Culture 2014.