15-16 MAY 2019

Eleanor Bauer (SWE) A lot of moving parts

In Swedish, to feel and to know are the same verb: coincidence, or poetic justice?

Biljetter & info

Stage: Small stage
Running time: 1 hr 40 mins (no interval)

In A lot of moving parts, choreographer Eleanor Bauer prods at the Greek etymology of her own discipline: khoreía “circular dance” and graph “writing” to locate the fragile place of writing in the embodied practices and mostly oral traditions of dance. A lot of moving parts embraces the particularity of dance-thought as synthetic, complex, change-oriented, fantastical, and multi-faceted.

Eleanor Bauer works with the frictions, collisions, translations, love affairs and gaps between dance and language in her choreographic search for “the simplest containers in which the complexity of dance can thrive.”

In Swedish, to feel and to know are the same verb: coincidence, or poetic justice? A lot of moving parts dwells in the untranslatable, sensual, absorbent, expansive, non-linear, protean, and mercurial nature of embodied thought, by getting intimate with uncertainty, making the invisible visible, knitting sense with the senses, attending to the minor and peripheral intuitions, and knowing by feeling.

Bauer and her collaborators create a porous and open context in which the audience can feel their way through the performance with all of their senses. Bauer’s body appears and disappears in a landscape of modular matter, light, and sound, continuously reconfiguring the physical, imaginary, and symbolic space of the performance.