1-2 feb 2019

Jesús Rubio Gamo (ESP) Bolero & Now that we are not too old yet

About chariness of age, the flight of time and fatigue

Biljetter & info

Spelas på: Lilla scen
Föreställningslängd: BOLERO (16 min) NOW THAT WE ARE NOT TOO OLD YET (30 min)

Experience an evening with two works, signed by the Spanish Jesús Rubio Gamo.
Both are about the passing of time; but with totally different pace and expression. To Ravels Bolero, you can prepare yourself for an exhausting duo that will make you break a sweat even though you are still in your seat the whole show. While in the solo “now that we are not too old yet”, we are invited into a more reflective state, to an idea of enjoying the movement and taking the time for it. A short hour filled with ecstasy, exhaustion and reflection – Dance art at its best.

  • ”Spanish Jesús Rubio Gamo’s work has seductive and riveting energy...”

    Weekendavisen, Copenhaguen (BOLERO)

  • ”A physical and emotional promenade that departs from total serenity to get to a heartbreaking state reminiscent of Francis Bacon’s paintings”

    Omar Khan, Susy Q Magazine (ON Now)

  • ”Limon-like flow and everything synergises so that this one person incarnates an entire cosmos of nostalgia, melancholy and bravery for the future.”

    Fotis Iliopoulos, Springback Academy (ON Now)