20-21 nov 2019 (Grande Stage)

Gisèle Vienne (FRA) Crowd

15 young people dancing like it's the last thing they do in life. An emotional emergency in slow motion to pulsating techno.

Biljetter & info

Performance duration: about 90 min

Based on rituals and celebrations from both past and present, Gisèle Vienne in “Crowd” gathers 15 young people on stage in a choreographed rave.A dedicated party gang in a brown mound of earth, all in search of ecstasy. A collective euphoria with undulating bodies and fleeting feelings of love, intimacy, violence and intoxication.

Gisèle Vienne has always been fascinated by human darkness. Of violence, manipulation and domination.

“Eroticism, death, violence… these are issues that affect us all. Questions that can upset us – even completely jeopardize our society depending on how we choose to experience them. “

Her background includes music, philosophy, dance and puppet theater. As a choreographer, she has never weighed in on the unpleasant and repulsive. She has, among other things, investigated the crime of a serial killer, put a young figure skater as a ghost astronaut and forced out four characters in a threatening dark forest.

In “Crowd” she collaborates, as many times before, with the electric musician Peter Rehberg and with the American writer Dennis Cooper