13-18 apr 2015

Efva Lilja Ett hus, en ko, en kvinna

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An innovator and prominent figure in Swedish dance is back. After eight years as rector at DOCH, choreographer Efva Lilja returns to Dansens Hus with the premiere of A house, a cow, a woman: an installation, a performance, a story time for grownups and a lunch date.

Our experience of well-being, creativity or passivity is largely determined by the space we are in. Efva Lilja builds rooms that take us to different levels of consciousness – beyond anything defined as reasonable, moderate, real and true. She does this with dance, images, text and original music by Per-Henrik Mäenpää. With singing, a house and a cow.

In A house, a cow, a woman, Efva Lilja reassesses political events and everyday actions, turning the things we take for granted upside down. ‘I choreograph rooms of light and scent, ink and pencil figures, moving images and dance in an interactive dialog with the audience, who themselves choose to be up close or far away, actively participant or observing and meditatively reflective. The sketched figures act and complement my presence in ways that I can’t do myself. I dance, sketch myself in, complementing the ‘finished’ images and objects, film installations and remote-controlled house (home) inhabited by a cow.’/Efva Lilja

Start off the evening by taking in Efva Lilja’s exhibition ‘Why Bother to Dance?’ in the main lobby, which opens at 6pm. The Small foyer and Small stage also open at 6pm, where you are welcome to hang out in Efva Lilja’s installation and social room. The performance starts at 7pm, and following a short intermission it is story time for grown-ups. The story telling is based on Efva’s writings on art, choreography, power and politics, on poems and erotic passages, as well as previously published and newly written tales.

Book a lunch date with Efva Lilja
Efva will be cooking lunch, inviting you to an informal get together with food and talk about issues in the fields of art, choreography and culture. On the menu is shrimp pasta in a dill sauce, with a green salad. Water will be served with the meal, followed by coffee or tea. Should you prefer a vegetarian option, please state this while purchasing your ticket, at least two days before the lunch date. Tickets to the lunch can be purchased via the Dansens Hus box office for SEK 150. A maximum of 10 participants per lunch. Dates: April 14, 15 and 16, noon to 1pm in the Small foyer.

Efva Lilja is a choreographer, artist and an activist in cultural politics – a strong and singular voice in contemporary art. Her work spans four decades, produced for all types of performing art spaces and art forums in more than 35 countries. Dansens Hus last presented Efva Lilja in 2012, with a major exhibition in the foyer, and in 2011 with the critically acclaimed show ‘Between men’ at the Forsgrenska baths. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet and see her this time around while she’s dancing, telling stories and cooking food.