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16 Nov–31 Dec 2017 & 3-18 mar 2018

Fredrik Benke Rydman

Following last year’s smash-hit with 36 sold-out shows and a widely acclaimed German tour, The Nutcracker is back!

What do you get when you take an old musical with a poor storyline but fantastic music, take an international cast consisting of a varied medley of talents, and let them loose in a mix of musical theatre, R’n’B, Tjajkovski, EDM and pop songs by Anna Ternheim? Fredrik Rydman’s street dance version of the classic Nutcracker tale: bringing together the young and the old, mixing Tjajkovski’s classics with new songs.

A little girl named Clara has been left alone to fend for herself on a garbage dump, whilst her parents are begging in the streets of a rich, foreign land. Hoping to reunite with her parents, Clara is tricked into following a black-market organ dealer who is on the prowl for a young, healthy heart to sell to a sick, old woman. The Nutcracker, the prince, has broken into pieces and lost his former glory. All the while, a narrator tells everything we want (and don’t want) to know about the show. In a setting that is hauntingly close to reality, everyone is searching for a sense of safety and community.

What’s good about The Nutcracker is that the story is so incredibly bland that you have to put your own spin on it to make it interesting. This has given me an opportunity to tell the story of homeless children in Europe today in a way that is imaginative, frightening, funny and crazy. A contemporary fairytale!

The Nutcracker is a Christmas show, and to me, Christmas is a children’s holiday. This show is about a child’s longing to be with her parents, something I can relate to as a father of three. I want to create through the eyes of a child, because in their world anything is possible. As an adult, you tend to limit yourself, but with this process I want to feel that there are no limitations. I want to allow myself to indulge and have fun, which is really a prerequisite for creativity. And life, according to me.”
Fredrik Rydman

  • Foto: Daniel Ohlsson
På bild: Daniel Koivunen som

    Foto: Daniel Ohlsson På bild: Daniel Koivunen som "Drosselmeyer"

  • Foto: Daniel Ohlsson

    Foto: Daniel Ohlsson

Photo: Andreas Lundberg

Photo: Andreas Lundberg

about fredrik rydman

Fredrik Rydman has put Sweden on the international dance map with several of his projects. A founding member of Streetdance company Bounce in the 90’s, he toured Europe for a decade with shows like “The Score” and “Insane in the brain”. In 2006, Bounce was awarded Svenska Dagbladets opera award and in 2010 they filled The Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm 5 times in a row with the grand finale show “The Last Bounce”.

Rydman created the choreography for Måns Zelmerlöw’s song “Heroes”, which won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015, and he was the Creative Director on the opening and intermission numbers for Eurovision Song Contests finals in Stockholm on May 23rd 2016.

After the disbandment of Bounce Streetdance Company, Rydman created a street dance version of the classic, “Swan Lake” in 2011. The production was celebrated in the media and has been seen by over 250 000 people all over Europe.



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Sunny 24 & 25 apr


Idea and choreography Fredrik Rydman
Scenography Fredrik Rydman and Lehna Edwall Velander
Light design Tobias Hallgren
Costume Lehna Edwall Velander
Rehearsal Johan Hillgren
Mask & wig Katrin Wahlberg
Video Andreas Skärberg and David Nordström
Music Pjotr Tjajkovskij
Danny Saucedo
Anna Ternheim
Albin Meyers
Fredrik Wentzel
Johan Liljedahl
Mario Perez Amigo
Mathias Venge & Martin Östergren
Photo Daniel Ohlsson (photos from the performance)
Production Blixten & Co, www.blixten.se

Hela säsongens program