17-18 okt 2019 (Lilla scen)

KASS / Sebastian Lingserius (SWE) LATE NIGHT: Last dancer

Who gets choosen and who doesn´t? Who will be "The Last Dancer"?

Biljetter & info

Performance length: about 50min without a intermission

In “Last Dancer” choreographer Sebastian Lingserius fills our small stage to the brim with 12 dancers  and a heart-wrenchingly story about typecasting, personal experiences and body politics.

Which side of yourself do you exhibit at a job interview or audition? All these talented “multivids” who dropped out or joined. All these opportunities that never went away.

Last Dancer is thinking about, and wants to try, new models, for how collaborations can be performed, tested and challenged in a future where work is no longer measured in time.

Last Dancer is unison dance, singing, physical practice, dialogue, dance theater and citizen salaries.