30-31 jan 2019

Ali Chahrour (LBN) Leila’s death

Poetry, song, dance and prayers are mixed in Ali Chahrour's dazzling beautiful perception of sorrow, love and the power of being together.

Biljetter & info

Ali Chahrour, the choreographer who opens doors to forgotten worlds. In “Leilas death” we meet Leilas own destiny and history. A contemporary idea of the thriving Shiite tradition of southern Lebanon, where crying people help people in sorrow by hanging out, dancing and singing.

Ali Chahrour allows Leila’s amazing vocals interwoven with live music from the musicians Ali Hout and Abed Kobeissi. Ali supports the story by dancing Leilas, husband, brother and all the sons who died in war. A sad and lifelong expedition where religious rituals meet today and become a vibrant, striking universal emotional storm.

The performance is in Arabic but has English subtitles.