27-28 sep 2018

Héla Fattoumi & Éric Lamoureux (FRA) Oscyl

French duo Héla Fattoumi and Éric Lamoureaux bring seven dancers and seven swinging sculptures to the work ”Oscyl” – a careful, honest exploration of ”the other”.

Biljetter & info

Héla Fattoumi and Éric Lamoureux continue their research on the subject of “otherness,” a question which has been part of their journey since its inception. Otherness is defined here as a state, the quality of that which is perceived as other, different, exterior to the “self,” exterior to our referenced reality …

For this creation, they have conceived seven bio-morphic, human-sized sculptures, inspired by Hans Arp’s “Winged Entity”. They have called them « oscyls* », in part because of their ability to oscillate.

Ten shapes create a landscape. They come to life, revealing two radically distinct but related populations. The first group is human. Next to them, the oscyls wait, immobile for a few seconds or is it several centuries; only an exterior energy can bring them to life. If man is generous, offering him his breath, they will be able to tumble, pace and whirl. Are they abstract puppets, giant Weebles, or organisms inspired by the work of the sculptor Hans Arp?
The dancers seek out contact, trying to invent a language via the medium of touch. Each signal, each impulse or approach calls for a reaction which will then trigger a dialogue. Are
the oscyls their partners, their mirrors or their alter egos? What exactly is happening between them: is it a pas de deux, training or manipulation? We can no longer see who is the cause and who the effect, the relationship is so strange and new.

The mystery continues : once launched, they are able to compress and dilate time, pulling the dancers into reactive dances ranging from great delicacy to jubilatory exhilaration.
The oscyls, by their very unpredictability, have both a force and a secret to transmit: if they tip in one direction so far as to hit the ground, they always tip back up, ready to go again!