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21-22 november 2014

Kyle Abraham

When the film Boyz n the Hood about a gang in southern Los Angeles was released in 1991, it had a strong impact on American choreographer Kyle Abraham, who was 14 years old at the time. In Pavement, his starting point is the film, reflecting on an African-American culture that has been marked by decades of discrimination.

Abraham paints a poignant and powerful portrait of urban life in his hometown of Pittsburgh, where lives are torn apart by gang violence, police brutality and drugs. Dressed in plaid flannel shirts and ripped jeans, the seven dancers blend sleek, smooth contemporary dance with elements of ballet and street.

Kyle Abraham is one of the most influential American choreographers of his generation, with a distinctive blend of contemporary dance and hiphop culture. His most recent work Pavement has received great critical acclaim in the U.S.

Using film projectors, the spoken word and music ranging from Vivaldi to Handel via the blues to contemporary r’n’b, Pavement gives a nuanced and complex portrayal of pain and oppression as well as friendship and warmth.

”Sourced in contemporary dance and the street, twisting together aggressive male posturing with the kind of hip-hop moves that summon comparisons to ballet, it expresses confusion with searching, eloquence.” /New York Times

”Abraham has created a work of great subtlety and beauty.” och ”Pavement is a hard, unforgiving thing, but for some people it’s also home.” /The New Yorker

”Kyle Abraham just may be the defining choreographic voice of a new generation. He makes dance that has swagger, something that can escalate into anger and violence. It depicts a generation that is alienated not only by social pressures, but by virtue of technology. But this is also a generation that still needs to touch, to caress, to connect.” /Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

”The cycle that Abraham encapsulates with such profound feeling and choreographic brilliance in “Pavement” is difficult to contemplate. It sits in your throat, burning. And it stays with you.”/Washington Post

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”I really think it is the best thing I have ever made and might ever make”

Kyle Abraham om Pavement i Pittsburgh City Paper


Dancer Kyle Abraham, Matthew Baker, Tamisha Guy, Winston Dynamite Brown, Jeremy “Jae” Neal, Maleek Washington, and Eric Williams

Dramaturgh Charlotte Brathwaite
Advisor Alexandra Wells
Technical Director/Light design Dan Scully
Soundclipping Sam Crawford

Hela säsongens program