Premiere 11 dec (Grand stage)

Fredrik Benke Rydman (SWE) Snow White

#Mood #MirrorMirrorOnTheWall #MoreLikesThenMyMum #RetreatInTheForest #LoveMyNewFriends #7Influencers

Biljetter & info

The mother posts another selfie on insta and the answer comes immediately; most likes of all! No wonder considering all the ways she stays young and stylish thanks to yoga, different diets, intestinal flushing, a little lift every now and then…

Snow White, her daughter, is mostly a status symbol that can be displayed when needed. She struggles to get her mother’s attention and love, but when one day Snow White gets her own phone, everything changes! With a few simple button presses she gets all the confirmation she has missed and soon she has more likes than her mother.

Being replaced by someone younger, especially their own daughter, crushes her! The feeling that life is about to run out becomes a turning point. She decides that Snow White must die, that Snow White must die.

In the forest, Snow White meets 7 influencers. Each with their own unique diagnosis, and around it they have built their personal brand. They are on a retreat for social media addiction, everyone has had to leave their phones and go on strengthening walks. Now they are feeling like shit, but they did that in themselves before they got rid of their phones, and they do not even notice that Snow White is desperately trying to become part of the dysfunctional group. However, Snow White has a weapon, she still has her phone.

It can help her in contact with the group, but it can also reveal where she is …

A fight against old age, a fight to be loved, a fight against loneliness, a fight against mental ill health.