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Lilla scen

 “This is like an adventure!”
“This IS an adventure!”
/Two children talking after seeing Trace

Feel a gust of wind from a fast dance move, hear the sound of bare feet, see graffiti characters evolve and change. In Trace, children are carefully piloted around the room to experience dance and music up close. An experience in which the stage and theatre are conjured away and become one. Together with the children, and with a lot of heart, the ensemble creates an experience that elicits the desire to create, body awareness and spatiality. Here, there is dancing in rings and on the walls. Barefoot, through a landscape of carpets, the children move around the room, finding new perspectives and ways to participate in the experience.

MELO is an artistic collective that works with everything from performing arts to installations, concerts and workshops. The members have a background in dance, architecture and music. These performances are a part of MELO’s 10year anniversary.

Who does Trace target? This is a family performance, targeting in particular families with Children with different levels of ability. From 5 years and older. The performance is Always adapted to the needs of the audience.