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20 & 21 April

Skånes dansteater

What are your associations in connection with colours and their nuances? Spectrum is a new dance theatre work by choreographer Ben Wright thematically exploring a range of associative responses to tonalities and hues of colours present within perceptible light.

Imagine a kinetic sketchbook – on stage in the shape of a large lacquered box. Through subtle gradations of light six dancers and three musicians journey from infrared to ultra violet. Using movement, song and language they explore the transformations of colours before the unavoidable evanescence of dusk.

Ben Wright is a choreographer working internationally within contemporary dance, opera and theatre. For Skånes Dansteater he has previously created the celebrated works The feeling of going (2013) at Malmö Opera, with singer Edda Magnason among other collaborators, and To see the world while the light lasts (2016) which brought the audience on a beautiful and moving journey through loss and grief. If these former works explored life’s dark sides Ben Wright has said that Spectrum will be ”light and joyful”.

The world premiere of Spectrum takes place at Skånes Dansteater in Malmö in February and will be on tour.




Practical information

Running time: 90 min (no interval)
Venue: Main stage

Post-show talk 20th of April

Conversation after the performance with choreographer Ben Wright and Theater manager & Artistic director Annelie Gardell.


Choreography, direction Ben Wright
Dancers Brittanie Brown, Kit Brown, Anna Borràs, Peter Jansson, Belinda Nusser, Sindri Runudde
Music Jules Maxwell
Set deign Will Holt
Lighting design Guy Hoare
Costume design Will Holt
Sound design Alan Stones

Hela säsongens program