29 nov 2014 - 18 jan 2015

Fredrik Benke Rydman Stop. Play. Rewind. – The Monopoly Game

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Following the streetdance sensation Swan Lake, Fredrik Benke Rydman is back with a new dance performance Stop. Play. Rewind. – The Monopoly Game.

We could see Fredrik Benke Rydmans new dreamteam of dancers at “Allsång på Skansen” with a first teaser from Stop. Play. Rewind. – The Monopoly Game.

In Stop. Play. Rewind. – The Monopoly Game, one of Sweden’s most celebrated choreographers creates a visually striking performance with a mix of street and contemporary dance to music specially composed by Andreas Kleerup and Mando Diao, among others.

The performance is about friendship, confirmation and what people are prepared to do to get to the top. In Stop. Play. Rewind. – The Monopoly Game the dancers play a game in which they build up everything from an empty and naked stage until it explodes in a visual crescendo. All the set design and lighting is set up by the dancers during the actual performance. One by one, the dancers are knocked out of the game and forced to serve on those who are left. Everything changes with the audience enters the game and votes for a winner of The Monopoly Game.
“We all want it all – all the time – and live in a reality defined by consumption. We manufacture stuff that has shorter lifespans just to keep the commercial wheels rolling. I feel that’s how I live my life, even if a part of me doesn’t want to. But lying on our deathbeds, all that’ll matter is our loved ones. Why then do we prefer to stay at work for that extra hour rather than going home to our families or ringing mum?” Fredrik Benke Rydman asks himself.

Just like in the box office hit Swan Lake, Fredrik Benke Rydman uses contemporary, specially composed music and smart solutions to amplify the expression of the dancers on stage in Stop. Play. Rewind. – The Monopoly Game. This time he’s brought in the popular artists Andreas Kleerup and Mando Diao. A mix of styles has become something of a signature for Fredrik Benke Rydman and the choreography contains both contemporary and streetdance.
“Working with specially written music allows you to create precisely the level of drama needed to stage the performance at its best. What’s more, watching the dance and music emerge in symbiosis is an incredibly fun and exciting process,” says Fredrik Benke Rydman.

Fredrik Benke Rydman has put Sweden on the international dance map with several of his projects. He co-founded the acclaimed, groundbreaking dance company Bounce in the 90s, which toured Europe and Sweden for over 10 years with various performances such as The Score and Cuckoo’s Nest. In 2006, Bounce won Svenska Dagbladet’s opera award and in 2010 they performed to a full house at the Globe arena five times with their majestic farewell show The Last Bounce.

After the break up of Bounce, Fredrik Benke Rydman choreographed a contemporary streetdance version of the classic Swan Lake ballet in 2011. The performance received high acclaim from media, becoming a major success and touring all over Europe.
In spring 2013, Fredrik Benke Rydman was commissioned to choreograph the intermission and opening performances for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013, watched by over 170 million viewers worldwide. Just over six months later, his version of the Shakespeare classic Macbeth, premiered at Stadsteatern in Stockholm. This 70s-inspired dance and theatre show featuring funk, locking and soul music, was performed during the 2013-2014 winter period.
Fredrik Benke Rydman has also collaborated with several major Swedish artists such as Robyn, Eric Saade, Darin, Martin Stenmarck, Lena Philipsson and Janet Leon. In addition, he created a Michael Jackson tribute – a major flash mob success – together with other Bounce members at Sergels torg in Stockholm in 2009, which has been viewed more than 12 million views on Youtube.