24-27 NOV 2015

Gunilla Heilborn (SWE) THE KNOWLEDGE

Biljetter & info

Lilla scen

With understated humour and everyday philosophising, Gunilla Heilborn takes on the big and small issues of existence. The Knowledge is a performance that will expand your brain.

Filmmaker and choreographer Gunilla Heilborn’s work intermingles the profound and the absurd. With its distinctive style, characterized by mellow comedy, fantasy and clarity, she takes on everything from creating a five-year plan for her life to the radio program Philosophical room.

In The Knowledge the brain takes centre stage. In 2014, the Nobel Prize in medicine went to three scientists for their discoveries of cells that constitute a positioning system in the brain, thereby solving a problem that has perplexed philosophers and scientists for centuries. On stage this time is Gunilla Heilborn herself, in a dizzying essay on the brains ability to navigate the World.

Trailer till The Knowledge