3–15 October 2017

Cirkus Cirkör Under

Cirkus Cirkör and Västmanlands Theatre present a new, monumental performance about mankind taking on the elements.

Biljetter & info

Eight people crash to earth. Eight people, in the centre of the world, dreaming the ancient dream: to manoeuver in and finally conquer the skies. The brand-new performance, Under, embodies the constant human desire to defy gravity and the unceasing conflict between mankind and the elements. And the yearning to tame the untameable.

In creating Under, I’ve taken the leap off solid ground. I’ve thrown myself from airplanes, inhaled the fragrance of clouds and found myself spellbound by the surface beneath me getting closer and closer. I’ve constructed special lifting platforms and soundlessly floated above the ground in a hot air-balloon. With these new perspectives, I’m approaching a reality where everything is too big, to heavy and too hard. The intensity has been increased. We do everything to the max“ – Olle Strandberg

Under is the third and final piece in Olle Strandberg’s Under-Trilogy. The theme of examining what happens when you unavoidably crash and the subsequent recovery have previously been explored in the performances Undermän (2010) and Underart (2014), two Cirkus Cirkör productions that have toured the world.