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24 – 26 Nov 2017

Virpi Pahkinen
Deep Time

Four years have passed since Virpi Pahkinen last stood on our stage, but this November we longingly welcome her back: for a plunge into the infinite depths of time.

On November 24th it is time for the first ever performance of Virpi Pahkinen’s latest piece, “Deep Time”.

An iconic serenity rests over the stage, over the audience. Sand flows through the hourglass; seconds pass, centuries pass. In one sudden swoop, the curtain disappears and behind it, a chaos of bodies is revealed: a writhing, churning mass, illuminated by a stroboscopic shimmer…

Deep Time is one of Pahkinen’s largest projects so far. Apart from performing in it herself, she is accompanied by five dancers, a coloratura soprano and a percussionist, to collectively interpret and depict what happens when that which is ancient and mysterious meets the new world ideals: the digital and technological reality.






Practical information

Running time: annonced later
Stage: Main Stage

Season packages

The show on the 24th of November is included in our Fridays deal. Get a 30% discount. It’s also included in the Premiere deal, where you get the best seats on three Swedish premieres this autumn.

Post show talk 25 Nov

With the choreographer Virpi Pahkinen and Katja Seitajoki, producer at Dansens Hus.


Choreographer Virpi Pahkinen
Dancers Pontus Sundset
Sakari Romero Tuurala
Philip Granat
Corrado Di Lorenzo
Hui-Han Hu Gustavsson
Composition Jonas Sjöblom
Soprano and co-composer Tua Åberg
Costume Zita Merényi
Light design Tobias Hallgren (Lumination of Sweden)
Producer Ellika Lindström (Bohm Bohm Room)
Supported by Statens Kulturråd
Stockholms Stad
Photo Marita Liulia

Hela säsongens program