21 & 22 Mar

Zero Visibility Corp (NOR) Again

The inevitable ritual of repetition

Biljetter & info

Again is a complex interplay between written music, large electronic clusters, musicians, the orchestra, dance, and the visual scene.

Again is an artistic collaboration between norwegian choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen and the Swedish composer Marcus Fjellström. It is produced in collaboration between NorrlandsOperan / NoO Symphony Orchestra and zero visibility corp.
Seven dancers and one performer/noise musician appear on stage.

As in several previous productions Ina Christel Johannessen continues to explore the linguistic, existential and cultural dichotomies we surround ourselves with: femininity – masculinity, inside – outside, nature – culture. This production seems to particularly revolve around the latter pair of concepts.

Throughout the performance of AGAIN is an undulating structure based on repetitions with
two, three or four dancers in a virtually ritual act of repetition. The choreography’s musical
structure and dramaturgy accentuate the movement’s cyclical return through the performance’s four parts or movements:


again and again,
come again,
…and again, it might not happen…