Sweden-based autumn with a new director and several premieres.

It will be an unusual autumn this year. So we thought, let it be different. Dansens Hus is now embarking on a Sweden-based dance autumn where we will do everything we can to present as much live dance as possible on our stages.

On 1 March 2020, Johannes Öhman stepped over the threshold of Dansens Hus as the new artistic director. It was a start he never, in his wildest imagination, could have dreamed of.
- For me and for many, the time we live in now is very strange. The autumn at Dansens Hus will not look like any other autumn. And so I have decided: let's make it different. We are testing and playing with our stage spaces and premises, and already this spring we are opening up the house, to an even greater extent, to the field's practitioners. says Johannes Öhman.

New circumstances have forced the theatre to rethink and push the boundaries of what the building is and can do. Being able to show live dance on stage and create a real encounter with the audience has been the starting point of the programme.
- The driving force in me during this time has been that we will continue to put things on stage, even if it may be completely exclusive to just 50 people. says Johannes Öhman.

The focus is on Sweden-based choreographers and dancers. Many of them will be making completely new works that have been world premiere on our stages this autumn. There will be established as well as relatively new choreographers. However, the programme is still far from complete and more names will be released in the spring and summer. 

In addition to programming, we have already reorganised our activities in the spring and early summer. We have opens up the house's studios as much as possible to ensure that artists have an opportunity to work even under the prevailing conditions. In collaboration with Danscentrum Stockholm, we also offer fee-based performances. summer residence where Stockholm-based dancers and choreographers can get studio time.