Partnerships and networks

Dansens Hus' mission includes collaborating with other parties in the dance field and civil society - both to strengthen dance as an art form, welcome new audiences into the house and use our voice to safeguard the democratic issues in society.

For a list of all partners and collaborations, please read our latest annual report.

Dansnät Sweden

Dansens Hus is one of the founders of Dansnät Sverige, whose office is part of the Dansens Hus organisation. The network is the country's only national touring network focusing on contemporary dance and consists of fifteen, active in Sweden's 17 regions.

Cullberg / Riksteatern

Cullberg is a repertory company that has been active nationally and internationally for over 50 years. As part of our founder, Riksteatern, Cullberg has a close relationship with our stages.


Since 2009, Dansens Hus has been part of the DANSISTAN network, which gives children and young people in Stockholm City and County from preschool to high school the opportunity to meet dance and circus as an art form. Dansens Hus is also a member of DANSISTAN's programme council.


Dansens Hus is one of the founders of the European Dance House Network (EDN), and remains a central part of the network. EDN consists of 36 of Europe's leading houses for contemporary dance and aims to strengthen artists' work opportunities, develop audience development and create models of co-operation for international and intercultural work.


The Aerowaves dance platform provides an international stage for emerging choreographers. Each year, Aerowaves' 41 partners select 20 dance artists for "The Aerowaves 20". Dansens Hus is now a programming partner in Aerowaves. Once a year, Aerowaves organises the Spring Forward festival in a selected European city. Through Dance across Europe, 20 newly established choreographers are presented on the stages of the platform's members.