With the works 6 and 7 the choreographer continues Tao Ye to explore the potential of the human body, pushing it to the extreme beyond expectations and limitations.

The dancers move on a dynamic and hypnotising horizon in a shifting lightscape to the music of one of China's leading indie rock artists, Xiao He. At Dansens Hus they showed 6 2014 and now returns fully revised together with the complementary work 7 which continues to explore the possibilities of the body as a synchronised force of nature. The music is now a soundscape composed by the choreographer and created by the voices of the seven dancers as they dance.

TAO Dance Theatre has become one of China's most beloved dance companies since its inception in 2008, exploring and innovating the role of contemporary dance in China. The company has performed in more than 50 countries on five continents with its mesmerising performances that often combine dance, music and visual arts.