The dance in Badke goes from social celebration to claustrophobic exhaustion and back again. Ten Palestinian dancers, with backgrounds ranging from hip hop to ballet, embark on a joyful wedding dance. They won't stop, even when the power goes out.

Title of the performance Badke is a deliberate distortion of the name of the popular folk dance "dabke" which is a modern Arabic folk dance performed at festivities in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Palestine.

The ensemble of Les Ballets C de la B shows us an exciting mix of joy and a desire to be part of a complex world. Alongside the joy, however, is the other side of the reality of violence and occupation. In the end, however, the idea prevails: we will dance until we collapse. Prepare yourself for a high dance tempo and an infectious desire to move your body. Les Ballets C de la B offers a full range of playful acrobatics, hip hop, capoeira and male belly dancing.

The work is created by the dancers together with the choreographers of the Belgian Les Ballets C de la B; Koen Augustijnen, Rosalba Torres Guerrero, (who also dances in the company Rosas) and the dramaturge Hildegard De Vuyst.

Badke goes on tour with Dansnät Sweden and after Stockholm is also played in Malmö, Gothenburg, Kungsbacka, Jönköping, Västerås, Karlskrona and Umeå.


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