Viktor Fröjd's style exudes drive, flow and energy. In his first full-evening performance, he plunges into unknown territory and, together with the dancers, focuses on the spaces in between. The music, a mix of newly composed and established pieces, sets the mood for the work.

"It is in the space between expectations and experience that this performance takes place. In the middle of things, we can find the unexpected. We all have expectations and ideas about what we want and will experience. The end goal is not the important thing, but the way to get there."  /Viktor Fröjd

Viktor Fröjd found dance through hip hop music. Today he is a Stockholm-based street dancer and choreographer who has studied both rhetoric and philosophy. When he's not teaching or winning awards in house and hip hop, he creates performances that explore street dance as an art form. Read more and see samples at

His previous work TUGG was recently shown at Park theatre and premiered at Dansens Hus street dance festival Urban Connection in 2014: