Vibrant dancehall performance about strength, siblinghood and belonging.

Five dancers welcome us into the vibrant dancehall scene. With love, attitude and energy, Unruly Gang shares the immense power of interpersonal relationships.. In between is an explosive and inspiring dance performance that gives us the power to stand up for who we are or want to be. The performance has its Swedish premiere at Dansens Hus. It will then go on tour in the country with Riksteatern.

Choreographer Imenella Mohamed took over dance floors in 2018 with her debut single. Chagga. Together with her close colleague Rut Roos, she now highlights the strength of being a "third culture kid".

  • It's cool to be a third culture kid. It's cool to speak Turkish and be from Somalia. It's cool that I can use different languages in my music so that other third culture kids can recognise themselves. I feel sorry for those who can never have the opportunity to experience that. To have a bigger context," says Imenella.

Imenella Mohamed and Rut Roos have been dancing together since 2013. They started two dancehall classes in Rinkeby - an activity that has created a strong bond between the participants:

  • In Sweden, dancehall has become a women's movement due to the fact that most of the practitioners are women and our interpretation of the culture has developed in a sisterhood. It's about being able to take your place as a girl, feeling confident and secure in your own body and not letting other people's opinions define your presence," says Rut Roos.

The show is produced by Riksteatern.