Hip hop meets Moroccan folk dance.


20 Sep


21 Sep


Näss has been born out of contrasts. Between different eras, forward-looking modernity and entrenched traditions, and between the earthly and the spiritual.

Fouad Boussouf, choreographer, dancer and founder of Cie Massala, was interested in these opposites, and in "Näss" he brings them together in a particularly energetic and infectious way.

A major source of inspiration for Näss are different types of Moroccan folk dances. Everything from the war dances taskiouine and reggae with its rhythmic drumming, to the stupid, a more festive dance with tambourine and collective handshakes.

When these dances meet, play and become one with Paris suburban hip hop - it becomes a fusion of the seven dancers' energies and bodies. With high technical skill, they let us see the power and conflict of coming together.

PS. Did you know that ....

wet (näss) means people in Arabic. The title refers to the Moroccan folk music group Nass el Ghiwane, a legendary group sometimes called "The Rolling Stones of Morocco". The group was among the first in Morocco to introduce modern Western instruments while being inspired by ancient Gnawa music.


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