Imagine a moving sketchbook - on stage as a large lacquered box. In the subtle changes of light, six dancers and three musicians move from infrared to ultraviolet. With movement, length and speech, they illuminate the transitions of colour before the inevitable onset of darkness.

Ben Wright is an internationally acclaimed choreographer in contemporary dance, opera and theatre. For Skånes Dansteater he has previously created the public and critical successes The feeling of going (2013) at Malmö Opera, which featured singer Edda Magnason and others, and To see the world while the light lasts (2016) which took audiences on a beautiful and moving journey into loss and grief. About the former exploring the darker side of life, Ben Wright has said that Spectrum should be 'bright and cheerful'.

Spectrum premiered at Skånes dansteater in Malmö in February 2017 and will come to Dansens Hus in April.