9 May


10 May


With an urban and organic movement language, Tove Rådmark and Linnea Sonka together with five dancers embody the power play between nature and man, and the relationship between rich and poor.

We live in a world where global warming is no longer a myth but a fact. Sea levels are rising, rainforests are being deforested, ecosystems are being disrupted, temperatures are rising, people and animals are living in catastrophic situations. We are nature, we are the climate threat and we are our own future.

'Unvolution' exposes our conscience, questions behaviours and power structures. The group explores what a possible future might look like if humans continue to consume, gorge and destroy the planet. It peels back the blinders of humanity and reveals the power structures in today's global society.

Experience organic symbiosis, intense, synchronised and powerful dance with an important message about climate change and our possible future on earth.


Tove Rådmark and Linnéa Sonka met in 2010 and started creating projects together. Today they are both based in Stockholm and active as dancers and choreographers in the field of street dance.

Linnéa Sonka has produced several dance films focusing on gender equality, capitalism and relationships. She has worked as a choreographer for Dnscenter Fryshuset's dance programme, Sthlm fringe festival and produced several dance performances in Växjö together with Kaisen Crew. She is a dance teacher at Danscenter Fryshuset and Kulturama's dance course."

Tove Rådmark has participated as a dancer in Fatta Dans, which premiered at Urban Connection in 2015. She has choreographed interactive performances for preschool, participated in dance research projects and organised dance events around Stockholm. She is trained and active as a dance teacher in and around Stockholm and is currently studying the master's programme in contemporary dance education at the Swedish School of Dance and Circus.


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