20 feb kl 19.00 på Dansens Hus Lilla scen

”Blue Java” by Sindri Runudde & Tanja Andersson/ Periferi Produktion

How is distance and touch measured through sound? Where does contact begin and end?

Blue Java is a dance piece but also a project for development of methods. And an extension of the interactive exhibition “Blue Kongo”. In a world where sight no longer defines our kinetic experience, two bodies meet through an investigation of hearing and tactility. Blue Java, by and with Sindri Runudde and Tanja Andersson, is a duet that expands across a 2 by 3 metre microphoned platform.

The newly founded duo Periferi Produktion consists of Andersson and Runudde, their physical departure point is somatic practices and a reclaiming of dance from peripheral perspectives, norm creatively.

Choreographic Supervisor: Anna Pehrsson

Sindri Runudde is a choreographer and dancer educated in both dance and circus at DOCH School of Dance and Circus. Within the conference he will also show the work Blue Java (2017) that he has created together with Tanja Andersson. 2015 he created the installation ”Blue Kongo” which, among other places, has been presented within the exhibition ”Kännbart” and been shown in art galleries around Sweden. Runudde has danced with Skånes Dansteater in the performances “Spectrum” (2017) and ”M&M&M”(2015). He has also worked with Stina Nyberg in the piece “Shapes of States”(2016) as well as with Carl Olof Berg in ”The Manchild Research Project” (2015) as a part of the project exChange Moçambique- Sweden.

Tanja Andersson is educated within dance in Finland, New York and Piteå, as well as within sound and music production. She works multi artistically and interdisciplinary with improvisational tools,  and breaking up hierarchies is influential in her work.