20 feb kl 19.00 på Dansens Hus Lilla scen

Föreställning: ”Blue Java” by Sindri Runudde & Tanja Andersson/ Periferi Produktion

How is distance and touch measured through sound? Where does contact begin and end?

Blue Java is a dance piece but also a project for development of methods. And an extension of the interactive exhibition “Blue Kongo”. In a world where sight no longer defines our kinetic experience, two bodies meet through an investigation of hearing and tactility. Blue Java, by and with Sindri Runudde and Tanja Andersson, is a duet that expands across a 2 by 3 metre microphoned platform.

The newly founded duo Periferi Produktion consists of Andersson and Runudde, their physical departure point is somatic practices and a reclaiming of dance from peripheral perspectives, norm creatively.

Choreographic Supervisor: Anna Pehrsson