10:00-10:50 at Dansens Hus Main stage

Föreställning: (im)perfekta koreografier by c.off

(im)perfect choreographies is a performance whereby different voices dance a polyphonic conversation.

Sudden outbursts and extended pauses carry this dancing conversation that allows each single movement to contemplate its deviant meaning. Different together, with splendid rigor and subtle wit, they dwell into several places, real ones and make-believe. Kindly and from a distance they tell an intrapersonal narrative that splits language apart.

Welcome to an absolutely perfect (im)perfect choreography!

By and with Cristina Caprioli Anja Arnquist Philip Berlin Carin Elander Pavle Heidler Madeleine Lindh och David Pervaz Specially written music Yoann Durant.

The performance is one of the several outcomes of the art and research project with the same title, which in accordance with crip theory challenges the normative understanding of ability, body, movement and language. The project recognizes and employs so-called intellectual and cognitive “disabilities” as specific and highly developed abilities. Moreover, the project as this performance, distance itself from “integrated dance” to instead advocate for and implement equality beyond the demands on assimilation and alikeness posed by the norm. On stage and in the working process, the deviant sensorial is affirmed as constitutive to the becoming of art, likewise of a non-hierarchical social common.

About the project
The project is owned by c.off and is run in co-production with ccap and in collaboration with the daily activity center VIDA. It also is part of the KROPPSFUNKTION project with funding from Arvsfonden. For more information please see www.kroppsfunktion.com och www.coff.se