Exchange Mocambique Sweden

Whose body should adapt to what within the dance field today? How can we challenge the norms that limit diversity and variety? Are we ready to reach beyond the attitudes and descriptions that include some on the stage and differentiate and exclude others?

exChange Moçambique – Sweden is an artistic exchange project where choreographers and dancers from both countries work with an integrated perspective on body and choreography. We hope to inspire and facilitate discussions about dance that focus on diversity of form, cultural histories, and functionality of bodies within the context of inclusion and exclusion. The exchange project consists of Three parts: a symposium, exChange Perspectives, arranged 27-28 of March at Dansens Hus and DOCH in Stockholm, a workshop in Maputo in July 2015 and finally the presentation of two performances at Dansens Hus in Dec 2015 with works by choreographer Panaibra Gabriel Canda and Carl Olof Berg.

exChange Moçambique – Sweden is arranged by Dansens Hus in Stockholm and CulturArte in Maputo, in collaboration with DOCH School of Dance and Circus / Stockholm University of the Arts and Skånes Dansteater, with support from Culture Foundation of the Swedish Postcode Lottery and the Swedish Institute.