Main stage

Our stage managers are responsible for coordinating the work on stage. They also ensure that safety regulations and fire regulations are followed.


  • Our main stage is a proscenium type theatre with 750 seats
  • Stage opening is 13.98 m, proscenium height 6.35 m
  • The stage mesurements are 18.5m (width) by 15.4m (depth)
  • There are side stages, but no back stage.
  • Please note that only members of Dansens Hus staff are allowed to handle the flybars
  • Height from stage floor to ceiling is 13.2 m. The height of the opening towards the side stages is only 6 m, which makes it impossible to move set pieces higher than that, on and off stage without tilting them
  • Our black box, on rails, is approx. 15 meters wide x 12 meters deep
  • Any masking wider than 14m makes it hard to cover the side stages


  • Floor is a sprung wooden board, with black vinyl floor on top
  • We like to avoid screws in our floor, if possible

Rigging and hardware

We have all basic rigging equipment such as trusses, motors, sling, steels, shackels etc. Please contact our stage managers with any questions you may have.

Light and sound booth

Light and sound booth is situated in the back of the auditorioum, with a good view of the stage and good acoustics.

Focusing is made from a tallescope ladder, or from our lift.

Masking and back drops

  • Black velvet masking is available for full masking; legs, borders and back drops
  • White shirting back drop 15×8 ms
  • Grey back projection screen, white front projection screen, scrims black and lightgrey


  • A full set of vinyl dance floor is available; black, white or grey for full stage or 12×12 meters standard
  • Floors are normally laid out from back to front. If you prefer it to be laid out sideways, please let us know
  • Full stage flooring is cut to adapt to the rounded proscenium edge
  • Regular flooring is black

Rigging, flybars and trusses

  • Our flybar system is an automated system from TrekWerk consisting of 36 flybars with a maximum (even spread) load of 400kg each (Maximum point load under wire 150kg, between wires 60kg.)
  • In front of the proscenium we have 4 trusses, hung in motors (capacity 250kg per truss).
  • There is also two trusses on each stage left and right
  • There are also opportunities to hang additional trussing in different positions. Please contact our stagemanagers to discuss your needs.
  • Only Dansens Hus staff is allowed to operate the flybars and trusses

Set pieces, fire and security regulations

A fire curtain (fall curtain, made of iron) is situated in the proscenium. This firecurtain must not be blocked at any time, which means that no pieces of set, music instruments etc. can be placed underneath the curtain.

All our textiles are fireproof, and we also require that the textiles and pieces of set that you bring is fireproof, or treated with flame retardant.