Lighting controls, DMX and Ethernet connections

  • Dansens Hus uses www.etcconnect.com Sr and ETC Congo Jr as client/backup with streaming ACN via ethernet to DMX outlets trough nodes
  • We support 4 universes
  • Dimmer outlets are evenly distributed on the galleries
  • Companies may bring their own lightboard which may be connected through DMX to house dimmers

Routine, Rigging, security regulations

All lights are specially rigged for each and every production. Pre rigging can be done when time allows and proper drawings are sent to us, but there is no regular rig to be used.

Please contact the lighting department for instrument types and count.
We can often suggest a good solution for our stage to achieve the effect that you desire. We will be happy to help you if you have questions.

Any equipment brought by the company must be CE-certified.

If we have to adjust your equipment to a safe standard will affect your setup time, and will be done at your expense.