When Petrolio22 is not playing, the pool shifts from confinement to a view, from violence in poetry to poetic reflection.


Dansens Hus Small stage

Playing time

The installation is open for one hour after each performance of Petrolio22.
Thursday 18.30-19.30
Friday 18.30-19.30


Free of charge

Somewhere in 1960s California, two women in bathing suits sit by a poolside. The sun is shining, nothing is happening. Perhaps the two women are blasé, or resigned. The audience moves around the pool, looking down over the edge, watching the women observe their own images projected on the bottom of the pool. They marvel at how they map their confinement with their crawling.

POOLLOOP is a retake of a photograph, which in turn is a retake of a painting. A silent image that abandons its frame.


Choreography (2014) and film (2013)

Cristina Caprioli


Ulrika Berg Emelie Johansson


Richard Kolker David Hockney: A Bigger Splash, 1967 from the photographic series Reference, Referents, 2011

Word Contest and Car Reading Saturday 8 October 17:30 - 19:00


After the last reading of the performance, the text is spread on the bottom of the pool. The audience enters the pool, crawls between the lines of text and reads. Then each person is asked to identify, pick up and keep the text that has caught their interest. Finally, the audience pushes the remaining text into a messy pile in the centre of the pool. This is done very quickly, with an instantaneous destructive force. A word earthquake at a simulated disaster site.


After the Wordquake, the audience is led to a nearby car park where they, eleven people at a time, sit in a parked car. In the cramped car, in close contact with each other, each person reads their text fragments aloud. The reading takes place without a script, in an order that reorganises the given texts into a new narrative. All the while the air oxygen is consumed and the discomfort grows to unbearable levels.

Ordbävning and Billäsning stage the dispersals and accumulations through which the text is broken apart and manifested anew. Through a collective effort, a recycled text choreography comes into being.

Polar walk