29–30 jan 2016

Héla Fattoumi & Eric Lamoureux Masculines

Biljetter & info

Choreographers Héla Fattoumi & Eric Lamoureux are back at Dansens Hus. With Masculines they take on a politically charged topic: the male gaze, the view of women as passive erotic object. But it is also a tribute to the liberation of women… and men.

The performance begins in a painting by Ingres from the 1860s depicting women in the Turkish bath. Seven female dancers then appear in several clichéd femininity, from the 1800s mute posturing images to the contemporary sexualized woman who resembles artificial sex dolls.

Masculines is about that all people should see what patterns they are in to be able to break away from them if they want. The concepts of masculinity and femininity are changeable, says Fattoumi and Lamoureux, known for their controversial dance production about life behind the veil: Manta shown at Dansens Hus in 2012.