Dance studios

Dance Studios

Dansklotet, Wallingatan 19 is where House of Dance’s rehearsal rooms are located. There are two dance studios: one large dance studio measuring 12 x 18m and a smaller studio of 12 x 10.5m. Both are equipped with mirrors and CD players.

Dansklotet is used on a daily basis by our guest artists as well as for rehearsals. In the case where one of the rehearsal rooms is free, it is possible to rent it by the hour. However, the rooms are often booked long in advance and with 35 guest performances a year, they are often in use.

For inquires and price information regarding studio rental contact the production department:

Maria Wessling
Telephone: +46 (0)8 508 990 14

Stage rental

House of Dance has two stages that host approximately 35 guest performances per year. Depending on the repertoire schedule, we have on occasion rented out the Main stage to events such as the Stockholm Water Prize as well as various conferences. We have also rented out the Studio stage for TV recordings and rehearsals.

For prices and additional information, contact:

Amy Fee
Telephone: +46 (0)8 508 990 13