About Dansens Hus

Dansens Hus is Sweden's largest performing arts centre for contemporary dance.

We present

...mainly contemporary Swedish and international dance and related performing arts. Here you can see contemporary companies and choreographers who have characterised the artistic expression of the last decades - and also those who will do so in the future.

What's more, if you're curious about a company, a dancer or a specific topic, we'll give you more! We organise insightful seminars, inquisitive lectures, hands-on workshops, playful children's activities and engaging exhibitions.

We are

Dansens Hus opened in 1991 and is located in Folkets Hus at Norra Bantorget in the centre of Stockholm. As of January 2023, the entire building is being renovated. During the renovation, Dansens Hus is located at Elverket in Östermalm.

The organisation was established in 1989 as a foundation by the seven founders. The Royal Opera House, The National Theatre, Gothenburg Opera, Östgötateatern, Dance Centre, Dance Museum and Skåne Dance Theatre.

Dansens Hus is mainly financed by public funds and receives its operational funds through the budget bill. The other major contributor is the City of Stockholm.

The activities are normally conducted in the old Folkets hus in Stockholm on its two stages Lilla and Stora scenen but since 2021 also on Elverket, where the activities are now gathered while Folkets hus is being renovated. The main stage has a total capacity of 782 people, including space for 8 wheelchairs with 8 companions. The small stage has an audience capacity of 140 seats. The number of seats will be the same after the renovation. Elverket has 226 seats.