A deepening that would increase the possibilities for the quality of productions, touring opportunities and funding. Dansens Hus is convinced that when choreographers and dance artists are given longer time frames and improved production processes, there are opportunities for more performances and encounters with new audiences. 

In an in-depth co-production, the co-operation extends over three years, with two co-productions taking place during this period. Dansens Hus also offers remunerated technical production residencies via open call. 

Here, Sweden-based choreographers and performing artists have the opportunity to work on their artistic project for three weeks. The period consists of one week in the studio and two weeks in a performance space together with a technical team from Dansens Hus. 

The technical residency can either be used in the final process of a new work or at an earlier stage during a creative process. The work must include some form of public performance or other public activity. This type of residency does not guarantee that the production will be shown as a finished performance within Dansens Hus' programming. 

Movers Signum is a live stream format that is broadcast via Dansens Hus' YouTube channel about twice a year. The format gives Sweden-based choreographers have the opportunity to present their respective artistry, their practices and ongoing processes to both a programming audience in Sweden and internationally as well as to educational institutions, critics and other actors and audiences with a dance focus. The live broadcast consists partly of an interview part and partly of a physical presentation of an ongoing artistic work. 

Dansens Hus Movers Signum was created for the choreographers as a digital exposure area to broaden their networking opportunities and ultimately expand the contact areas that lead to future performance opportunities, more public meetings and co-productions.