Technical information

Please contact us if you need any further information about our theatre.


Jörgen Jansson
+46 8 508 990 03


There is no regular parking for larger trucks near the theatre. If your truck needs to stay overnight, please contact our technical director before your arrival for advice. Also note that trucks longer than 12 m. might need a special permit and that such vehicles older than year 2001 are not allowed in Stockholm for environmental reasons.


We kindly ask you to note that all equipment has to be loaded through our goods lift which measures: 5.97(D)x1,26(W)x2.39(H) meters.

Longer objects might be carried in, but always confirm with us in case of longer set pieces, trusses and such. Also let us know if your equipment is heavy or difficult to handle. We might have to contract extra stage hands in those cases.


To make things run as smooth as possible, we would like a technical rider including the following information:

  • Arrival time at the theatre for your technicians
  • Arrival time at the theatre for your truck, the size of the truck and possible need of parkingspace and unloading equipment (for example a forklift).
  • Arrival time at the theatre for your dancers.
  • Your need for extra personnel and unloading / loading help.
  • Number of technicians needed to build, run and strike the performance.
  • Light and sound operators for the performance.
  • Equipment that you will bring, and equipment you would like us to provide.
  • Stage measurements and need of legs, backdrops etc.
  • Please note that all pieces of set have to be fireproof, and that all electrical equipment that you bring must have a CE-approval (or equivalent).
  • In order for us to adapt our work schedule to meet your needs, we would appreciate if you fill in and return the schedule at least one month prior to your arrival.

We would also like to remind you that we need your lightplot, adapted to our stage, at least one month in advance.


For everybodys safety and convenience, we have a few house rules that we would like you to observe:

  • In case of emergency, always follow instructions from Dansens Hus staff.
  • Audience or unauthorized visitors have no access to areas other than those open to the public.
  • All spectators at every performance must have a valid ticket.
  • Visitors backstage must be invited and met up by the company. The company will be responsible for such guests at all times.
  • No food or beverages, except water, is allowed on stage.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside Dansens Hus, neither in public areas, nor at stages or other common areas.


  • Our technical crew consists of 10 experienced light- sound- and stage technicians. Everyone is specified in their own field but always collaborate in between their professional categories.
  • We have no in house costume-, wardrobe- or make up personnel.
  • We work in two overlapping shifts and we will plan a work schedule based on your technical rider before your arrival.


At Dansens Hus we have two rehearsal studios. The main one is 12×18 meters and the smaller one 12x 10, 5 meters.

It is very important that the we get a specification of which rehearsal room you need, and what times you need access to it, as we always have more than one company in the house. We need this information as soon as the contract has been signed.

You book your studio time with
Katja Seitajoki, producer
phone: +46 (0)8 508 990 14

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.