25-26 sep 2019 (Small stage)

Marta & Kim (NOR + NED) ENGEL

Beautiful, symbiotic duet with an acrobatic dancer, and a dancing acrobat.

Biljetter & info

Performance duration: 50 min

Meet circus artist Marta Alstadsæter and dancer Kim-Jomi Fischer in an intimate evening where dance and acrobatics meet across the boundaries of the genre.

A physical dialogue where Marta and Kim through constant movement of weight, direction and movement ask questions about consciousness. Where do our thoughts come from? Engel is a performance about inner struggle and decision making.

Marta and Kim met in 2015. Their different history became the basis for a thriving collaboration. In the years that have passed since then, they have created their own artistic expression by delving deep into the possibilities and qualities that exist in the symbiosis between acrobatics and dance.