Bild ur Panaibra Candas föreställning "Metarmorphoses" från 2015.

14.30–15.15 at Dansens Hus Small stage

Panel discussion:
Visions! How does dance look like in 5 years in Sweden and Europe?

Visions for the future regarding inclusiveness and accessibility are compared to today’s situation.


Christine Bylund
Christine Bylund is a lecturer, writer and performing artist. She has worked with dance and themes such as power, functionality and sexuality. Recently she performed in the festival Unlimited in Glasgow alongside among others Liz Carr and Claire Cunningham. She currently lives in Umeå and is a PhD student at Umeå University.

Spinn Dance Company
Spinn Dance Company is a professional international dance company based in Gothenburg. Spinn’s main focus is to present high quality dance performances for all ages. Spinn is Sweden’s first physically integrated dance company, consisting of professional dancers with and without disabilities. The company was founded in March 2010 by artistic director Veera Suvalo Grimberg. Spinn’s administration and communication is run by Producentbyrån.

Through the years Spinn has created both smaller and larger stage productions, both in Sweden and internationally. The company has also created and led workshops and seminars where they have met other dance artists, pre-schoolers, curators, personal care assistants, politicians, students, dance teachers and many others.

Veera Suvalo Grimberg
Veera Suvalo Grimberg is the initiator and artistic director of Spinn Dance Company. She has been active as a choreographer and dancer since 1995 and has previously choreographed dancing fire fighters in Vara, fork lift trucks in Hindås and excavators in Shanghai. She has choreographed inaugurations of festivals, car tunnels and station buildings filled with dancing children, young people and adults. Suvalo Grimberg works both with amateurs and professionals creating powerful and humorous works which often move between the absurd and the sincere, works that both affect and stand out. From an artistic perspective this revolves around creating genuine and lasting encounters between participants and audience. Suvalo Grimberg is a trained dancer from Performing Arts School in Gothenburg and has also studied dance pedagogy. Suvalo Grimberg’s notable works are among others Corridor during Ke∂ja 2009, Truckbaletten 2007-2009 and the inauguration of the Dance biennale Cyber Matrix in 2006. Between 2004-2007 Suvalo Grimberg was Choreographer of the City in Vara and she has also worked as a dancer with choreographers such as Gun Lund, Ismo-Pekka Heikinheimo and Eva Ingemarsson. Suvalo Grimberg is artistic director of Spinn Dance Company since 2010.

Cristina Caprioli
Artistic director & chorepograph ccap/
Raised in Italy, dancing in Germany and the United States, since the mid 80s resident of Stockholm, Sweden, where 1998 she founded the production site ccap, still base of her practice, within which she has produced over 30 works, several films, one symposium, two festivals, two exhibitions, published an Anthology and several books, run a number of research projects, toured nationally and internationally, choreographed for institutions and extensively taught. In 2004 she founded the organization, that run the projects Kroppsfunktion and (im)perfect choreographies. After decades of continuous groundbreaking work, Caprioli has gained the position as one of Sweden’s most consistently innovative choreographers.

Annelie Gardell
Since 2014 Annelie Gardell is the Artistic Director of Dansens Hus. Most recently before that she was in charge of Artistic Direction of the dance programme at NorrlandsOperan. Throughout a number of years Gardell has been running international projects through extensive exchange with foreign choreographers and dance companies, as well as co-production with Swedish companies, and has also been a project leader for cultural projects by SIDA in Vietnam. Gardell previously worked for Sveriges Television, the Swedish public service television company, as well as for Swedish National Radio as a producer and broadcaster. During many years Gardell was also active as an actor, director and theatre teacher.

Julia Sundberg
Since 2011 Julia Sundberg work at the National Arts Council as administrator of free performing arts and regional issues within the field of dance. During most of her professional career she has been working as a professional dancer both in repertoire institutions and as a freelance, touring nationally and internationally. She has also worked as assistant choreographer and rehearsal leader as well as teaching vocal students and professional dancers, including Danscentrum and Balettakademien. Additionally, Julia Sundberg has a degree in law. During 2015-16 she worked as business developer for dance at Riksteatern with the aim to formulate, establish and develop Riksteatern’s extended dance mission.