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21 & 22 Sep 2017

Chute Libre
In Bloom

The Rite of Spring: hip-hop style. Hailing from Nantes in France, Compagnie Chute Libre make their Swedish debut with their unprecedented urban take on Stravinsky’s notorious piece.

French street dance has been a frequent feature in recent seasons at Dansens Hus. This September we bring you the hip-hop company, Compagnie Chute Libre, who make their Swedish debut on our Main Stage with their own, resolutely urban version of Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, titled In Bloom.

In this version, we don’t see the traditional, female sacrifice being offered to the gods, but instead a family, a “tribe”, who let go of their inhibitions and blossom together. Each one of the dancers represent a different hip-hop style in this contemporary context: a mosaic of unconquerable and magnificent bodies twirling together; a group of teenagers who steady themselves on the ground in dance as they seek to take flight: in bloom.


the right of spring: Notoriously scandalous

When The Rite of Spring was first performed at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in 1913, the avant-garde nature of the music and choreography caused a sensation and a near-riot in the audience.

Today, Stravinsky’s music is considered one of the most influential musical pieces of the 20th century. The ballet itself fell into oblivion: partially because it wasn’t performed after the first year, and partially because the pioneering choreographer Waclaw Nizynskis hadn’t written notes on the dance routine.

It wasn’t until 1987 that the performance would be revived, after 18 years of research and choreography reconstruction, finally performed by the American company, Joffrey Ballet.




Practical information

Running time: 50 min
Stage: Main stage


The 22th of September, 18:00 we arrange the Conversation “Why a classic” with Fredrik Benke Rydman. Read more


Choreography Annabelle Loiseau
Pierre Bolo
Dancers Salem Mouhajir
Aida Boudriga
Gabriel Um Tegue
Clémentine Nirennold
Kevin Ferré
Patrick Flegeo
Andrege Bidiamambu
Florianne Leblanc
Annabelle Loiseau
Pierre Bolo
Lighting design Véronique Hemberger
Music Igor Stravinski
Version 1947
Pierre Boulez et L’orchestre de Cleveland
Music arrangement Yvan Talbot
Philippe Pham Van Tham
Costume Annabelle Loiseau
Nathalie Nomary
Video Adrien Selbert
Photo Stephane Tasse

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