14 & 15 sep 2017

Cristina Caprioli A Line_up

A fake musical that demands your attention

Biljetter & info

The choreographer Cristina Caprioli is known for the clarity, stringency and precision of her works. Ten dancers line up in a row to dream and fear a different formation. Odd figures off balance, they lean and fall into a catchy tune, each and everyone one heart-breaking story amongst several, each and everyone one disassembled choir. Departing from the Broadway musical “A Chorus Line”, “A Line_up” is showbiz in disguise, singing and dancing in and out of tune, made and undone by a delight of disorder. Groove as pitched entertainment, a musical that doesn’t look like a musical but has more swag then the most.

I create within our time’s choreographies, and am fascinated by the genre of musicals. And although I am critical of all types of “entertainment” in terms of fast consumption, conventional narratives and sentimental glitter, I am always amazed by the entertaining power of musicals.“ – Cristina Caprioli

The performance premiered at Norrlandsoperan in April 2017.


Article in SR’s Kulturnytt (Swedish)