At the turn of the year, the entire Folkets Hus closes for a year and a half, and thus also Dansens Hus's two stages in the house. During this period, you will meet us in lots of new and old places and arenas around the city.

Throughout the renovation period, we will be based at the Elverket stage in Östermalm, where we have already been performing for the past year and have had time to settle in. We are also finalising a number of exciting collaborations with other actors around the city.


Inaugurated in 1960, Folkets Hus was a state-of-the-art building of the highest European standard. But now, after 60 years of service, age is starting to take its toll. It needs new sewage pipes, better ventilation, new electricity and improved accessibility. In autumn 2024, there will be a grand reopening for all activities in the building.

When it reopens in 2024, the idea is to bring back some of the fine architectural elements that have been removed over the years.