A familiar room. Strong codes and inbuilt movement patterns. Familiar roles.


8 Nov


Eating together is a powerful socialisation process. In the dance performance Dining room the audience and the dancers can agree on new rules together.

Which norms can be renegotiated? Using everyone's bodies and video projections, the meaning of everyday choreographies that the audience deals with every day is explored.

By turning and twisting ordinary things - a salt cellar, a plate, a chair - perhaps we can let our imagination give them new uses, and see ourselves relating to each other in new ways. The relationship between the dancers and the audience is also reconsidered. I Dining room there is no seating, everyone in the audience moves around the room during the performance (there are of course alternatives for those who have difficulty moving).

The performance is a collaborative project between Regionteater Väst, Säfsten Produktion and GöteborgsOperan.

About the choreographer

About Björn Säfsten

Björn Säfsten has been working as a choreographer and dancer since 2003, as well as researching choreography at Umeå Academy of Arts. Säfsten is particularly interested in how the body is produced through language and how language shapes our idea of the world. He also uses choreography as a way to create representation and norm criticism.
Dining room premiered in 2016 at Regionteater Väst.

At Dansens hus, Säfsten has shown, among other things, the work Prologue 2017 and Language fools 2016, which also went on tour with Dansnät Sweden.


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