Technical production residency at Dansens Hus

During this year's application period, 49 entries were received and three have been selected.

QUARTO_Moving Landscapes_Gregori Bastos 2


QUARTO is deleted in Moving Landscapes, a site-specific performance work, from a deliberately simple physical structure - an empty volume and three-dimensional cube of aluminium tubes. Performance duos interest in the cube as a performative tool is developed in conjunction with complementary lines of research. These lines address the inherent paradox of the structure: the concrete materiality of the cube's skeletal construction is related to the development of movement, and to the immateriality of the structure. emptiness, which through a sound medium suggests a reality consisting of an inner and an outer space. 

About Quarto

QUARTO is an artist duo that was founded in 2003 by Anna Mesquita and Leandro Zappala, they live and work in-between two very different cultures - Brazil and Sweden. QUARTO is engaged in a long-term research with artists and researchers in interdisciplinary art, involving both theory and practice. Committed to philosophical questions about power relations and the limits of the body, they seek to create thoughts and subjectivity through a radical, visual and physical experience.QUARTO tours nationally and internationally and has shown works in over 15 countries. In 2018 they received the Birgit Cullberg grant.