Above & Below mixes poetic high jinks and rough influences from today's street culture. Skånes Dansteater offers two different dance works by Australian choreographers.

Weather by Lucy Guerin
Multi-award winning Lucy Guerins creates dance from one of the world's most popular topics of conversation. Under a deceptively beautiful cloud of thousands of white plastic bags, the effect of the weather on our bodies and emotions, but also the reverse; how our way of life affects the weather, nature and our environment. Watch the rehearsals and see how the wind, rain and sunshine find their shape!

by Antony Hamilton
Rising star Antony Hamilton invites you into a world of human maths. Four dancers in a movement game governed by geometry and gravity, rhythm and technique. A well-designed and form-filled experience with the artist and graffiti pioneer. Boris Tellegens floating sculpture on stage. The music is specially written by the British electronica artist Clark (signed to the Warp Records label among artists such as Aphex Twin).

Look in during the rehearsal: