From calm comes revolution, from a beast comes a caress.



60 minutes

2 Oct


3 Oct


In an ecstatic performance of electrifying sound carpets, pulsating dance and powerful choreography, Marco da Silva Ferreira creates a bombastic work for six dancers, with a live drum kit on stage.  

Like the bison's skin, the creatures in Bisonte are hard and tough on the outside - to protect themselves from the cruel world - but on the inside there is a tenderness. What does it mean to look like a predator despite your size, but still be fair game? Marco da Silva Ferreira takes as his starting point the hyper-masculinity of a polarised society - where notions of male and female determine how we view the body, gender and power. I Bison a stage space is created that is dirty, vulnerable and grand - here the queue is dissolved.  

Dsc 5223 © José Caldeira

About Marco da Silva Ferreira

With only a handful of his own choreographic works, Marco da Silva Ferreira has quickly become recognised as one of Portugal's leading choreographers. His distinctive dance style, often enhanced by movement practices borrowed from club culture, street and ballroom, creates complex and pluralistic works. Ferreira focuses the audience's gaze through an absolute presence in his works, where social and societal norms often play a major role. Ferreira has achieved great success in Europe with works such as Brother (2016) and CARCAÇA (2021) and with Bison at Dansens Hus Elverket, he makes his first show in Sweden.  

 Marco da Silva Ferreira was born in 1986 in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal. He has a degree in physiotherapy and started his professional dance career in 2008. He has worked with André Mesquita, Hofesh Shechter and Sylvia Rijmer, among others. In 2010 he won that year's edition of So You Think You Can Dance - Portugal.  

He started creating his own choreographic works in 2012, with Nevoeiro 21. Then came Replica ... eplica ...eplica (2013) and in the same year he was awarded the prize for the best young artist in Portugal for his work Hu(r)mano, which launched his international career. His next work was Brother (2016), created for the Porto City Theatre and shown at the 2018 Biennale de la danse de Lyon, among others. 

Between 2018 and 2019, da Silva Ferreira was an associate artist at the City Theatre of Porto, then at the National Choreography Centre (CCN) in Caen from 2019 to 2021. In 2022, he created Fantasie minor.  

Photo: José Caldeira

Photo: Estelle Valente, Marta Ankiersztejn, D. Alisaukas

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