The dancer Charlotta Öfverholm has invited an impressive collection of international and Swedish researchers and dancers to take over Lilla scen. An afternoon of lectures, discussions, film screenings, performances and mingling.


27 Apr




How do we keep the physical body danceable in a later age?
We have invited incredible pioneering doctors, sports scientists and therapists from all over the world, who are exchanging non-functional bodyparts and giving extraordinary rehab to dancers and athletes.
How can one keep dancing forever?

The festival starts with the performance PROSTHESIS by Charlotta Öfverholm and her fantastic team of mature dancers and musicians.


- Prosthesis- performance by Charlotta Öfverholm
- Sport Scientist Patrick Rump - how to prevent having to do surgery
- Dr Laude - hip replacement
- Dr Preis- ankle replacement
- Physiotherapist MSc Ewa Heidvall- and Dr Exner Grave- rehab
- Panel discussions all speakers
- Swedish premiere of Anders Larsson's documentary Dance or Die



Artistic director Charlotta Öfverholm, [email protected] +46-70-566 7939
Producer Giuditta Sunnemark [email protected] +46-70-7265834
Manager Izabell Makiela, [email protected] +46-70-090 1535
Technical director Tobias Hallgren, [email protected] +46-70-974 3608

Following the success of the festival Fucking Burn It - Age on Stage in 2015:
After 25 years they have nothing more to prove. Only the strong longing to be themselves, to mould what means the most - to shake the world wordlessly, bottomless and carefree. And they fucking burn for it!

Age on Stage is a project created by Öfverholm presenting maturity on stage, questioning the norms in the dance field through international productions with dancers over 45, workshops for people over 65, festivals and seminars.

About the choreographer

Charlotta Öfverholm

The initiator of Age on Stage and the international meeting point.

This year's conference is to celebrate the invited doctors and therapists who actually can give hope and possibilities to continue life as a dancer when the body falls apart. And to give their information further to YOU. Akmost everything is possible!

Charlotta had a complete hip replacement done 4 years ago with Dr Laude in Paris. She was in balletclass 2 months after surgery and on stage 3 months after and has since a completely new life. Unfortunately her left ankle had to go through 3 surgeries and a serious infection which made her handicapped. 10 months ago she met Dr Preis in Wiesbaden who exchanged the complete ankle joint- meaning a total ankle replacement. She is the first professional dancer in the world to undergo this surgery. She was back on stage 7 month later.

Charlotta started Age on Stage in Sweden followed by the festival FUCKING BURN IT- Age on Stage fall 2015. She is burning for the continuation of creating a platform for dance, experienced artists and dance as a tool for creativity, vitality and passion.


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